Hub Puller Set for Heavy Duty Trucks Busses 8/275, 10/335

The tool is flexible and fits heavy trucks/buses and trailers with 8 bolt 275 mm and 10 bolt 335 mm. Chose set depending on the cylinder size in use. The plate with thread is also used as part in the press block.
The tool is used with 32 tons hydraulic cylinder . The robust design allows also punching with a hammer on the cylinder during max press. This function makes it possible to press out hubs also with unit wheel bearings from straight axles.

Parts in the set:
Press foot x2
Press axle 250 mm Ø31mm
Press axle 140 mm Ø31mm
Press axle 50 mm Ø31mm
Press plate
Plate with thread
Screw M22×60 12.9, hex socket x 4.