Universal Automatic Brake Bleeder pressure 0-3,5 bar ABS EDS ESP SBC With Suction Facility For Removal Of Old Brake Fluid

The pulsating liquid flow eliminates the air pockets in the brake system.
The integrated self-bleeding system avoids bubbles during filling. An additional security feature provides the leak test at low pressure, this way are possible leaks in the system detected. Suitable for all ABS systems (including EDS, ESP and SBC-systems) and hydraulic clutches.
Comes complete with Euro screw cap fitting, bleed bottle and suction hose.

Full range of caps are available, please contact us for more information.

Area for container size 5 - 20 liter (container not included)
long filling hose 3,5 m
long power cable 5,0 m
power supply / output 230V/50 60Hz/120W
regulating pressure range 0 - 3,5 bar continuously variable
H x W x D 850 x 400 x 330mm
Weight 23 kg
operating temperature range 0°C - +45°C