Power brush set for brake caliper maintenance 3 pcs.

Universal power brush set for professional cleaning of guide bushes and mounting holes in the brake caliper housing and caliper support.

The cleaning serves e.g.to enable easier fitting of the new guide bushes. The brake calliperguides on the front and rear axles can corrode severely due to damaged seals. As a result, brake problems occur due to a hard to move brake caliper guide.

Power brushes Ø: 9, 13, 20 mm

Grinding: 180
Length: 200 mm
Max. Max. speed: 500 rpm
Use clockwise rotation only!

Honing brush SIC 180:
The grinding balls of the honing brush can adapt perfectly to the surface due to the flexible design. The grinding balls are mounted on a complex wire mesh, which makes it possible to work on non-circular surfaces. The resulting finely ground surface is ideal, for example, as a carrier of an oil film or other lubricant adhesion due to the cross-grinding produced.
Use with a conventional hand drill.
Max. Speed: 500 rpm
Application examples: Engine cylinders / connecting rods / holes on shafts and cranks / valve guides / brake caliper guides etc..