4.5 Ton Universal Hydraulic Ball Joint Splitter

Our new 4.5 ton ball joint splitter has been designed to quickly and easily press out tapered ball joints without damaging the rubber boot or thread. The unit is fitted with 2 open jaw sizes and 2 pressing heights allowing the user to choose the correct combination for that ball joint. The two sets of jaws can also be swapped over to allow the ram section of the puller to be on the top or bottom for better access by unscrewing the top nut, sliding off the 2 sets of jaws and refitting them the opposite way.

For small ball joints and track rod ends, a small sleeve is placed under the bottom jaw creating a reduced gap.
A safety strap is included to prevent the unit from falling onto the workshop floor, when the joint has been released.
The puller can also be used to press an old ball joint back into place where the dismount nut is seized causing the tapered joint to spin.

Works with (not included):
Hydraulic foot pump 80255560 or pneumatic pump