Universal 'On Car' Front & Rear Wheel Bearing Removal & Replacement Set

This new set has been developed for todays and future generation of front and rear wheel bearings. The job is done directly on the vehicle with a big time save as a result, ABS sensors and most of the suspension is left untouched. The set is also a base for several specific jobs on certain models and very easy to build on further. All the parts are developed and adapted for today’s current wheel bearing and hub sizes. The mounting plates have a built in guiding function, they are double sided and designed to fit perfect on 62 – 83 mm Ø wheel bearings. The bearing cup can fit wheel bearings up to 92 mm Ø.

We have many customers using this set and some associated tools, with brilliant success. Of course it is possible to carry on doing the job the 'old' way on a workshop press, but the time saved not having to remove components such as ABS sensors, Multi-Link Suspension and the like give obvious benefits, and opportunity to be more profitable with workshop time.

We find it is best to have a conversation with you to assess your requirements, and build a solution for your particular need using this set along with some associated tools. This way, you can maximise the usage of the tools giving the best return on your investment. We can also offer onsite staff training & support.

Hub dismounting is made with optional tools for the best result.

Parts in the set:
Hub plate, coned, Ø33,8 mm*
Hub plate, coned, Ø38,8 mm*
Hub plate, coned, Ø43,8 mm*
Hub plate, coned, Ø59,8 mm*
Bearing plate Ø61,8-62,8 mm*
Bearing plate Ø63,8-64,8 mm*
Bearing plate Ø53,8-66,8 mm*
Bearing plate Ø72,5-74,5 mm*
Bearing plate Ø76,5-78,5 mm*
Bearing plate Ø80,8-82,8 mm*
Adaptor ring Ø82,5 mm
M Holder*
*Inner Ø 20,25 mm