Universal Over Engine Support Cars & Vans 1.8m Wide Beam

On modern vehicles, supporting the engine from above can be an issue due to vehicles becoming wider and the construction of the vehicle may not be as strong where support is needed.

This new over engine support has been designed to be wider than standard beams, 1.8 metres compared to 1.5m and now comes with multiple fixing options to allow the engines weight to be spread across multiple points. The 2 forward beams are fully adjustable and the rubber feet can be positioned onto suspension top mounts and the front panel for vehicles such as the later VW T5 T6 vans.
The side mounding feet can be tilted to match the angle of the vehicles wing and held into position using the adjusting screw.

Time saving due to very short set up times
A 1.8m wide engine support covers everything from car to van
The assembly and dismantling is carries out by one person, which saves costs
Process safe working, this reducing the risk of injury
The basic and universal version can be upgraded to master