Nox & Particulate Sensor M20 x 1.5mm & M22 x 1.5mm Thread Repair & Service kit

The Nox & Particulate Sensor kit has been designed to assist with the removal of seized sensors using the special M22 & M24mm sockets, these sockets have a cutout which allows the cable to pass through them preventing the need to cut off the cable if it is to be reused. These sockets can also be used to tighten the sensor when refitting.

Quite often when removing the old sensor, the thread in the exhaust is stripped which prevents a new sensor being fitted. Replacement exhausts can be very expensive and depending on stock can cause the vehicle to be off the road for some time.

The M20 & M22mm thread repair part of this kit allows the technician to easily replace the thread using a supplied thread insert. First a guide is inserted into the exhaust which allows the cutter to accurately remove the damaged thread to a set depth, also preventing swarf from entering the exhaust system, an oversized thread is then cut into the exhaust and a new thread insert is fitted. A new sensor can now be installed.

The set is supplied with 3 of each size thread inserts and are available separately.