Nox & particulate sensor service kit 29 pcs.

For disassembly & assembly of NOx & particle sensors, cleaning and renewal of the holding thread in the exhaust system.
Unscrewing these sensors (22mm & 24mm), installed in cars, vans and trucks, can cause enormous problems. The hexagon of the sensor and/or the fastening thread in the exhaust system is often damaged when unscrewing these sensors. This results in high consequential costs, e.g. by replacing the relevant component of the exhaust system in which the sensor is mounted.
This special tool ensures the unscrewing of the sensor, the thread tightening as well as the possible
insertion of a new threaded bushing through the following work steps:

- DUO sensor socket for loosening the sensor by means of a special socket spanner (22mm or 24mm), which is in tight and closed contact with the sensor hexagon. Unscrew the sensor with an actuating nut 30mm or a spanner, which in turn is friction friction-locked to the socket. This ensures that the sensor can be loosened without damage

- Cleaning and re re-tapping of the sensor mounting thread in the exhaust system. Two special taps (M20x1.5 & M22x1.5) specially developed for this application enable re re-tapping even in the tightest of spaces

- Thread renewal by drilling out the damaged sensor mounting thread by using a concentrically inserted drill
guide sleeve and a carbide carbide-tipped core hole drilling device with limited depth stop. Afterwards, a threaded bushing fixing thread is inserted with a special tap and a new threaded bushing (M20x1.5 or M22x1.5) is screwed in by means of a setting pin