Universal Glow Plug Electrode Removal Kit

Using the collets in the kit, a broken electrode can be removed without removing the cylinder head.

The correct size split collet is selected and fitted onto the broken electrode. A sleeve is then wound down over the split collet to tighten the collet to the electrode, the attached slide hammer is then used to remove the electrode.
If the lower body of the glow plug is also broken off and remains seized, this also can be removed with the different expanding collets included in this set.

60417752: Expanding Collet, Outer diameter 4,3 mm (M8)
60417743: Expanding Collet, Outer diameter 5,5 mm (M10)
60417753: Expanding Collet, Outer diameter 6,4 mm (M12)
60417756: Collet Long Version 110 mm, Inner diameter 4,5 mm
60417757: Collet Long Version 110 mm, Inner diameter 5,0 mm
60417745: Colletn, Inner diameter 2,7 mm
60417746: Colletn, Inner diameter 3,6 mm
60417749: Colletn, Inner diameter 5,0 mm
60417748: Colletn, Inner diameter 6,0 mm
60417744: Receiving Sleeve A1 for Collet, Ø 2,4 mm, Ø 3,6 mm and Ø 5 mm
60417747: Receiving Sleeve A2 for Collet Ø 6 mm
60417754: Receiving Sleeve A3 for Collet Ø 4 mm and Ø 5 mm lang (110 mm)
60417741: Glow Plug Heating Element Removal Kit Basic Device