Brake Calliper Bleeder Valve Repair Kit 12 pieces. 1/41/8 NPT

The torn off valve is drilled out completely with the thread and then replaced by a threaded bush with new bleeder valve.

Matching operating tool for brake calliper bleeder valves:
71150100 Combination Spanner ¼
7111110 Combination Spanner 11 mm
7111080 Combination Spanner 8 mm
7111140 Combination Spanner 14 mm

Suited for Universal e.g. Audi, VW, Opel brake callipers

9353005 2x Brake Calliper Replacement Bleeder Valve Set 2 pieces .g .g NPT
9353008 1x Hydraulic and Pneumatic Sealant 10 ml
9353011 1x Drill O11mm 3-fluted
9353013 2x HSS Special Drill O8,5 mm
9353016 1x Drill DIN 338 O6,0 mm
9353014 1x One Cut Hand Tap NPT .g 18
9353018 1x One Cut Hand Tap NPT .g 27
9353020 1x Countersink 90° DIN 335 C HSS 13,4 mm 3-fluted

Delivery in plastic case