Bushing set with fixing plate

The combination of sizes on the press pipes and press plates makes the set very useful on commercial vehicles, ether directly on the chassis or in the shop press. The fixing plate in the set makes it possible to fixate the press pipes on to the bottom of the press block. This makes it the job easier, less parts needs to be centered in positon by hand during mounting or demounting. The set can be complemented with 03-00037 to get a complete solution for slotted bushings. The set can be used with the press block 03-00031-001 or a 32 tons hydraulic cylinder 03-00028, adaptor for the cylinder are included in the set.Parts in the set:
1. 03-00038-028 Press pipe, A 110mm, B107mm, C96mm, D100mm
2. 03-00038-027 Press pipe, A 93,5mm, B 91,5mm, C 88,5mm, D100mm
3. 03-00038-026 Press pipe, A 89,5mm, B 87mm, C 73mm, D 100mm
4. 03-00038-025 Press pipe, A 84.5mm, B 82mm, C 72mm, D 100mm
5. 03-00038-024 Press pipe, A 79,5mm, B 77mm, C 67mm, D 100mm
6. 03-00038-023 Press pipe, A 74,5mm, B 72mm, C 62mm, D 100mm
7. 03-00038-022 Press pipe, A 69,5mm, B 67mm, C 57mm, D 100mm
8. 03-00038-021 Press pipe, A 64,5mm, B 62mm, C 52mm, D 100mm
9. 03-00038-011 Press plate, A 64,5mm, B 52,5mm, C 51,2mm, D 32mm
10. 03-00038-012 Press plate, A 69,5mm, B 57,5mm, C 56,2mm, D 32mm
11. 03-00038-013 Press plate, A 74,5mm, B 62,5mm, C 61,2mm, D 32mm
12. 03-00038- 014 Press plate, A 79,5mm, B 67,5mm, C 66,2mm, D 32mm
13. 03-00038-015 Press plate, A 84,5mm, B 72,5mm, C 71,2mm, D 32mm
14. 03-00038-016 Press plate, A 89,5mm, B 77,5mm, C 72,2mm, D 32mm
15. 03-00038-017 Press plate, A 93,5mm, B 81,5mm, C 76,7mm, D 32mm
16. 03-00038-001 Press adaptor 30mm
17. 03-00038-002 Press adaptor 86mm
18. 03-00038-003 Cylinder adaptor (for 32 T)
19. 03-00038-005 Fixing plate