Injector clamping bolt repair kit SOFIM 2,3l & 3,0l

This drill guide set is designed to be used on the clamp bolt when it is seized into the cylinder head and the technician can feel the bolt may break if more force is applied. The drill guide sits over the head of the bolt and the head is drilled away to leave the shank of the seized bolt protruding, this allows the injector clamp and injector to be removed.
Using the supplied die and holder, a thread is cut into the existing protruding bolt shank creating a threaded stud. The injector clamp is then retained using one of the special M8 clamping nuts ( 4 supplied in the kit and available separately)
This is a much quicker solution than dealing with a broken clamp bolt.

- Guided centering hole
- Incl. 4 new special clamping nuts
- Universal M8 cutting nut

SOFIM 2,3lt
Motorcode: F1AE 2,3l (Euro 3, 4 & 5)
SOFIM 3,0lt
Motorcode: F1CE 3,0l (Euro 3, 4 & 5)