Universal Injector Shaft Seat Cutting Set - 1

Universal Injector Shaft Seat Cutting Set

Used for refacing or cutting the injector shaft seat in the cylinder head for the copper washer to seal.

The seat cutter accurately refaces the injector seat by increments of 0.05mm, meaning minimal material is taken away and a standard copper washer thickness can be used. The upper guide tube keeps the cutter shaft vertical ensuring a square cut. If the injector seat is damaged, more material may need to be removed. In this case a thicker copper washer may be required (see page 22). Measuring the difference in thickness between the standard and oversize copper washer, for example 1.0mm, the seat cutters depth gauge can be set to cut 1.0mm only. This ensures the injector is installed in its original position.

- 3 Sealing Seat Mill-Cutter: 180° Ø 17 mm / 180° Ø 15 : 17 mm / 120° Ø 17 : 18,8 mm - conical
- Base Unit with 3 cones and depth stop
- Cutting Grease
- Allen Key 3 mm