Universal Glow Plug Diesel Engine Compression Test Kit for M8x1, M9x1, M10x1 and M10x1.25 With Guage

This universal glow plug compression test kit allows the technician to create the correct size dummy glow plug using the hollow threaded tube combined with the correct adapter thread (M8x1, M9x1, M10x1 & M10x1.25) and correct lower seating plug. The supplied gauge is then connected to conduct the compression test through the glow plug hole. Versatile because of the combinations of guides, sealing cones and adapters and so suitable for HDi, TDCi, dCi, CDTi and P/D systems.

Compression Test Gauge:
- 0-70 Bar
- with flexible 40 cm long hose
- with pressure relief valve
- quick coupling for easy changing the adapters
- with a 90° angled adapter for hard to reach places

Universal Diesel Compression Test Gauge
Sealing Cone 63° Ø 8,2 mm
Sealing Cone 93° Ø 8,2 mm
Sealing Cone 63° Ø 6,8 mm
Sealing Cone 123° Ø 6,8 mm
Screw-In Adapter M8x1
Screw-In Adapter M9x1
Screw-In Adapter M10x1
Screw-In Adapter M10x1,25
Double Open Ended Spanner
Adapter Tube
Adapter for connecting the Test Gauge with the Screw-In Adapters
Angle Gauge 60°, 90° & 120° for determining the seal seat angle