Dismantling tool for inner axle shaft

The set is delivered with an adjustable axle shaft holder and a powerful 5 kg sliding hammer. Often the inner axle shafts on the left side get severely stuck in the gearbox. A square-shaped lock ring and rust in the splines are what’s causing this problem. This new adjustable fixture is designed to be closed around the axle shaft, allowing a 100% straight and powerful strike with the sliding hammer.No bending or flexing of the axle, engine covers and brackets under the vehicle can be left untouched. The fixture can be taken apart in two parts for easier mounting if the area around the axle is limited. Prybars and similar tools can be a real challenge, the whole engine cover needs to be removed to
get access. It’s hard to reach the axle shaft due to limited access, these old methods can also damage the gearbox due to the bending of the axle. By adjusting the shaft holder, the tool will cover compact cars and up to light commercial and pick-up sizes.