Clamping tool for shock absorber piston rod

This tool can used to clamp and secure the piston rod of the shock absorber in position whilst changing the Spring. The shock absorber top nut & bearings can then also be loosened and removed, without the piston rod turning and retracting.
Using the gauges as an aid, the diameter of the piston rod of the shock absorber is determined in order to be able to attach the appropriate fixing clamp.
Once the correct size is identified, the 2 half moon clamps bolt together whilst being clamped around the piston to form a perfect, non marking clamp. Suitable for use with all spring compressors.

5 x gauges
5 x fixing clamp, screwable
1 x vice-grip wrench, parallel shutting
1 x angled pin spanner 4 mm
1 x angled pin spanner 5 mm