Heavy Duty Circlip Pliers Complete With 2,5mm, 3,0mm & 3,5mm Tips

These heavy duty circlip pliers are perfect for removing rusty, tight locking rings. Just tighten the adjusting screw until the clip is loose and using the handles, remove the circlip. The tool is designed to fit passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and trucks. The adjusting screw also has a ¼ inch square drive incorporated for a ratchet to be used if required.
The circlip pliers come complete with 2,5mm, 3,0mm & 3,5mm Tips and are easily swapped over.

Spare tips available separately:
Circlip pin 2,5 mm, 4pcs
Circlip pin 3 mm, 4pcs
Circlip pin 3,5 mm, 4pcs