18 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder Push/Pull

The 18 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder is a small but powerful unit, one end of the cylinder pulls which is used for wheel bearing replacement etc, the other end pushes and used with our drive shaft removal hubs will press out seized driveshafts.

The cylinder can also be used for replacing bushes on & off the vehicle. 12mm & 14mm spindles are available separately

Weight: 2,8 kg. Stroke: 50 mm. Automatic return.

Parts in the set:
1- Hydraulic cylinder 18 ton
2. – Hydraulic quick coupling
3 – Carriage beam M18/M22, 250mm
4 – Press plate M24x3
5 – Flange nut M18
6 – Punching socket M22x2,5
7 – Adjustable press rod 92mm, M24
8 – Adjustable press rod 132mm, M24
9 – Press rod
10.– Lid for back end