22 ton Hydraulic Cylinder Push/Pull

The 22 ton hydraulic cylinder can be used on a wide variety of jobs such as wheel bearing replacement, seized drive shaft removal, bushes and ball joint renewal all done on the vehicle saving time and minimal strip down of vehicle components.
The cylinder can be used with either manual hydraulic foot pump (80255560) or pneumatic pump.
Where components are very seized, all hydraulic cylinders are specially designed to allow them to be struck with a hammer, the shock force helps free the component

The cylinder can also be used for replacing bushes on & off the vehicle. 12mm & 14mm spindles are
available separately

Items Included:
Hydraulic cylinder 22 ton
Punching socket M22x2,5
Press plate M24x3
Adjustable press rod 92mm, M24
Lid for back end with O-ring
Press axle 151mm, M24x3
Adjustable press rod 109mm, M24
Flange nut M18
Carriage beam M18/M22, 250mm
Hydraulic quick coupling