Glow Plug Centre Electrode core Drill Out Set

This set is used to drill out the centre electrode core on broken glow plugs where the top nut shears from the body leaving the electrode flush at the top preventing drilling and extraction of the glow plug.

Various sizes of drill guide sleeves are provided which are inserted into the top of the glow plug with the electrode pushed into the centre, this sleeve acts as a guide which allows the electrode to be drilled away to a depth allowing the next stage of glow plug extraction to be completed.

If an attempt is made to drill the electrode without this guide sleeve system in place, there is the risk a standard drill bit will snag and break inside the glow plug which can be very difficult if not impossible to remove.

All items are available separately, the drill guides are designed to be used once only.

Suitable for all glow plugs with the fastening thread M8x1, M9x1, M10x1 M10x1.25.