Universal Set For Drilling Out Broken Glow Plugs M8x1/M9x1/M10x1/M10x1,25

This universal set is designed to extract glow plugs when the top nut shears from the main body.

There are 3 steps to remove a broken glow plug:

- Removal of the centre core electrode
- Drilling out the glow plug thread M8 - M10
- taping and extracting the lower body of the glow plug

Using this set, it is possible to complete all 3 steps on the vehicle where access is possible.

For glow plug thread sizes: M8x1 / M9x1 / M10x1 & M10x1,25

Also available:
M8x1 & M10x1 thread repair set for when the glow plug thread is damaged in the cylinder head.