Complete Copper Washer Removal, Injector Shaft Cleaning & Injector Seat Cutting Set

Complete Injector Shaft Refurbishment Set

This is our complete solution for the refurbishment of the Injector Shaft within the cylinder head.

The kit enables all tasks to be carried out professionally once the injector has been removed. The fist stage is the clean up. With the use of the blanking plugs preventing any deposits from entering the cylinder, the cylindrical wire brushes can be used to clean the sidewalls. After the side walls are clean, attention can then be turned to the Injector Seat. In the kit are two end brushes that clean the seat. Following on from the brushes we then provide some cleaning/polishing pads to reface the seat. This will be sufficient on some vehicles. On vehicles where an indentation of the previous Injector Seal is still visible in the cylinder head we then move on to the re cutting of the seat. Unlike most other Injector Seat Cutters available on the market, our cutter enables a measured amount of the injector seat be removed. This is vitally important as this will determine the position of the Injector within the shaft. If this is not correct, the clamping pressure on the Injector and in turn the injector seal (washer) will be affected and in many cases, premature Injector Seal Leakage will occur. The correct Injector Seat Cutter is selected and the gauge is set to the required depth. The technician can then cut the seat safe in the knowledge that a measured amount of the seat will be removed, after which an oversized injector Seal (Washer) should then be fitted. For example, if the original seal was 2.3mm thick and a 0.3mm cut was required a 2.6mm seal will then be installed, positioning the Injector in accordance with the manufacture. The Kit includes our superior cutting grease that enables a perfect milling of the cylinder head seat. The Set also includes a full instruction manual, and like always with our products, all consumables and spare parts are readily available.

Each module is also available separately

We offer a full 450pc Injector Seal (Washer) Selection Box - 60390505