Our under engine support is a quick and easy tool to set up where an engine mount may need to be removed for timing belt/chain replacement or gearbox removal. The centre hook and strap are used to suspend the unit from the subframe or chassis and the rear leg supports are screwed up or down for levelling. Once in position the scissor jack is raised up to take the weight off the engine.

The advantages of using our under engine support are:

- The ramp can be raised and lowered at anytime for ease of reaching areas to be worked on, where as if using a transmission jack, the vehicle is set at one hight and fixed causing the technician to have to use ladders to reach some areas.

- No floor mounted jack to have to walk around or trip over.

- Engine height easily adjusted up & down when refitting engine mount etc.

Max. carrying capacity: 250 kg
Tot. length: 1050 mm
Tot. height: 100 mm
Max. lifting height of the Scissor jack: 260 mm
Weight: 10 kg