Telescopic Internal Rear Spring Compressor VAG Ford BMW Mercedes etc

This spring compressor is ideal for removing & installing rear springs on vehicles such as VAG, Ford BMW Mercedes etc where the spring sits into the rear wishbone.
The telescopic bar is fed up through the wishbones access hole (needs to be 30mm or larger) and either the small 66-120mm or larger 90-140mm plates are placed onto the springs lower and upper coil and locked onto the telescopic rod using the retaining clips. The 1/2" force limiting bar is then fed through the access hole onto the telescopic rod and rotated to compress the spring for removal.
The new spring is compressed and installed using the same tool setup.

- Removal and installation without dismantling the axle
- Long clamping range (125 mm)
- compact basic unit dimensions,
- max. outer diameter 29 mm, so the spring compressor can also be used on vehicles with a small bore in the wishbone arm
- max. torque limitation in the operation by torsion control element (therefore impact wrench operation possible)
- 2 pairs of plates for the diameter ranges 66 mm to 120 mm and 90 mm to 140 mm