2.1 ton Hydraulic Spring Compressor Fully Adjustable

This hydraulic spring compressor has been designed cover a wide range of springs from left & right handed coils such as Nissan Qashqai too awkward shaped ones like BMW & Mercedes C Class.

The unique design allows all 4 supporting arms to be adjusted in height and width creating a solid fixture to the spring and preventing it from slipping under compression.

The 4 jaws are free to rotate so when the spring is compressed and the coils alter their angle, the jaws move keeping full contact at all times. The orange safety strap is fixed to the rear of the machine and is passed through the spring from top to bottom so if an old spring breaks under compression, the strap will retain the coils and absorb the energy.

Another time saving feature is the capability to compress a spring on the vehicle to help with separation of the hub from the strut. Using the lower arms, the unit can be wheeled to the vehicle and the arms fed under the wing of the car to the base of the spring. The arms are then raised hydraulically compressing the spring, lifting the strut upwards allowing the hub to be pushed downwards separating the two components. This procedure is reversed on assembly and saves time striping suspension components and disturbing seized bolts.

The unit stands rigid on the floor when in use and lent backwards onto 2 rubber wheels making it mobile around the workshop for use by the vehicle or storing away when not in use.

- Stroke: 430mm

- Unique hydraulic spring compressor with a multitude of application areas.
- Universally applicable, for almost all types of springs and shock absorbers.
- Suitable for almost all cars and transport vehicles (also for e.g. MB C-Class and newer BMW models).
- Spring Ø 70 -240 mm.
- The spring tool can also be used to separate steering knuckles and to relieve the load on the struts.
- This is done directly on the vehicle and considerably reduces the working time.
- Safety belts for more safety