Generation 3 Bolt On Wheel Bearing Removal/Installation Set

Our wheel bearing sets are designed to be used on the vehicle and are replaced with minimal strip down of components, this saves time, damage and awkward setting up on a workshop press.

An 18 or 22 ton hydraulic cylinder is used in conjunction with the wheel bearing set required (generation 1,2 & 3 sets, available separately) and the bearing is replaced on the vehicle. In most cases, suspension, steering and ABS components can be left connected preventing the need for wheel alignment etc.

This set contains press legs suitable to remove 3 bolted bearings such as Vauxhall Insignia and 4 bolted bearings fitted on VAG cars etc.
Some 4 bolted bearings can be removed without the need to press out the driveshaft or split any ball joints.

We offer a wide range of accessories which can be added at anytime, these include:

- Generation 1 wheel bearing set
- Generation 2 wheel bearing set
- Generation 3 wheel bearing set
- Land Rover Range Rover wheel bearing set for later aluminium hubs
- Commercial vehicle wheel bearing sets
- 4 & 5 stud drive shaft removal hubs
- Hydraulic ball joint splitter 4.5 ton universal
- Hydraulic ball joint splitter 8.8 ton for Land Rover Range Rover